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ГЛАВНАЯ     спортивное питание
Название: OAT FIBER+Beta Glucan βG20
Вес: 1.000 кг.
Страна производитель: Финляндия
Описание: 100%-natural food product not containing GMO.
Two tablespoons (15 g) of oat/beta-glucan 20 extract, dissolve in a glass of water (150-200 ml) at room temperature. Take once a day, after overnight fast, 30 minutes before meals. Product can be used with juice, yoghurt, porridge, muesli with milk, etc. Important is that the mix is at normal temperature level (not extra cold or hot).
For a full cleaning of the body and restoration of its individual functions, doctors and nutritionists recommend the oat/beta-glucan 20 extract administration course, which means taking 1 kg within a continuous cycle (60-70 days).
Intensive training can significantly weaken the immune system on a par with the athlete himself. This can manifest itself in a decrease in such important indicators of the functioning of the immune system as the number of neutrophils, natural killer cells (a kind of cytotoxic lymphocytes), T cells and B cells. Most often, the lack of these elements leads to infections of the upper respiratory tract. In turn, beta-glucan activates the production of these cells of the immune system for the capture and destruction of a variety of viral, bacterial, protozoa and fungal pathogens of infection.
For two weeks after intense physical exertion, especially endurance exercise or competition, the athlete is at an increased risk of contracting an infection that can slow the recovery process and cause unwanted physical and psychological stress. Beta-glucan can have a stimulating effect on the immune system and help the athlete prevent an infectious disease, and also keep energy reserves and activity at the required level required for training and peak performance.
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